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friendly - inclined to help you or assist; not antagonistic or hostile; "a government friendly to our interests"; "an amicable settlement"

to begin a friendly romantic relationship; to become mates with a person. The child made an effort to make buddies with the Puppy. bevriend يُصادِق، يَتَصادَق сприятелявам се fazer amizade spřátelit se Freundschaft schließen mit blive ven med πιάνω φιλίες trabar amistad con alguien, hacerse amigo de alguien sõprust sobitama دوست شدن با ystävystyä devenir ami/-ie avec לְהִתיָידֵד पहचान करना sprijateljiti se s összebarátkozik vkivel bersahabat vingast við fare amicizia con* 親しくなる .

[thirteen] Make a summary of each of the detrimental behaviors you’ve engaged in with past romantic companions and Examine them with behaviors in the recent connection. Destructive emotional behaviors within a romance context contain dependency; quick to nonexistent intervals of time involving passionate associates or interactions; an inability to get full closure on past interactions; plus a belief in or pursuit of a great “soul mate.”

You may be jealous of the one who was asked. But on reflection you would possibly know you have been jealous as you wanted to donate to a fantastic lead to in addition. What this means is your heart’s in the ideal put.

I'm supplying you with a friendly warning → te estoy advirtiendo como amigo → te estoy dando una advertencia de amigo

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adj (+er) (= amiable) particular person, smile, click gesture, welcome, support, position → freundlich; argument, guidance, Frame of mind → freundschaftlich; cat, Puppy → zutraulich; she gave him a friendly smile → sie lächelte ihn freundlich an; he gave me a friendly pat about the shoulder → er klopfte mir freundlich auf die Schulter; to secure a friendly welcome → freundlich begrüßt werden; that wasn’t an incredibly friendly thing to perform → das war nicht gerade sehr freundlich; to become friendly to any person → freundlich or nett zu jdm sein; being friendly (with someone) (= to generally be good friends) → (mit jdm) befreundet sein; we’re incredibly/pretty friendly → wir sind eng befreundet/ganz gute Freunde; friendly relations → freundschaftliche Beziehungen pl; to generally be on friendly terms with somebody → mit jdm auf freundschaftlichem Fuße stehen; to become or get friendly with anyone → sich mit jdm anfreunden; to get friendly (inf: = intimate) → zärtlich werden ? consumer-friendly, environmentally

one. the condition of staying close friends. Friendship is an excellent point. vriendskap صداقَه приятелство amizade přátelství die Freundschaft venskab φιλίαamistad sõprus دوستی ystävyys amitiéידידות मैत्री prijateljstvo barátság persahabatan vinátta amicizia 友情 친구 draugystė draudzība persahabatan vriendschapvennskapprzyjaźń دوستى، يارى، رفاقت amizade prietenie дружба priateľstvo prijateljstvo prijateljstvo vänskap มิตรภาพ arkadaşlık 友情 дружба دوستی tình hữu nghị 友情

friendly - of or belonging to your very own place's forces or These of an ally; "in friendly territory"; "he was accidentally killed by friendly hearth"

plural friendlies Learner's definition of FRIENDLY [count] British : a activity involving athletics groups which is done for pleasurable rather than as A part of a daily enjoying period a preseason friendly

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